Month: May 2014

Dr. Allan Austin Oolo’s Trigenics Myoneural Self-Treatment Exercises use enhanced muscle-nerve reflexes to create an instant strengthening, lengthening and relaxation of muscles. Trigenics exercises teach you how to treat yourself to alleviate tightness and pain. For anyone suffering with pain, Trigenics self-care exercises can instantly bring relief to tight or sore muscles as well as headaches and neck or back pain.

NB: This video is for promotional purposes only. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO ANY OF THESE EXERCISES without receiving proper instruction. The full DVD with instructions and verbal dialogue is available for purchase through the Trigenics Institute of Myoneural Medicine at

Trigenics exercises are completely unique and revolutionary in that self-treatment is applied during the exercise. Historically, Trigenics is first in the world to do this.

Come to our clinic and many of these exercises may be included in your treatment program! We will not only give you the exercises, but ensure that you know how to do these.